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Function module

Functional items

Function description

设计服务Design service

Website style VI design

Simplicity, commercialization

Final approval: home page, product list page, product detail page, information page


basic function

网站语言Web language

中文、英文 Chinese, English

HTML静态化页面HTML static pages

自动生成网页静态文件,优化网页打开速度,有利于seo收录Automatically generate web pages static files, optimize web pages open speed, in favor of SEO included

屏蔽国内IP访问Shielding domestic IP access

开启此功能后,将拦截国内ip访问网站After opening this feature, you will intercept domestic IP access sites

防止复制功能Prevent copy function

开启此功能后,将屏蔽鼠标右键点击功能和"网页另存为"功能When you open this feature, you will block the right mouse button, click on the function and save the page as "function"

多维度产品筛选功能Multidimensional product screening function

根据产品的属性,提供多维度筛选功能Provides multidimensional filtering capabilities based on the attributes of the product

支持多种货币Support multiple currencies

可选择美金外其他货币进行结算,支持默认货币设置You can choose currencies other than US dollars for settlement, and support default currency settings

第三方登录Third party login

提供Telegram,Google,QQ,微信四种登录方式,用户无须注册即可下单.Telegram,Google,QQ,Wechat four login mode, the user does not need to register can order

邮箱订阅功能Mailbox subscription function

客户可订阅网站资讯邮件,定期进行邮件营销Customers can subscribe to website information mail, regular mail marketing

Back-End management

权限管理Privilege management

针对网站管理员分配不同的操作权限Assign different permissions to the site administrator

系统日志system log

系统操作记录作数据保存,随时查看System operation record, data storage, check anytime

操作语言Operation language

中文、英文Chinese and English

product management

Product attribute template

产品属性模块管理Product attribute module management

可无限添加产品属性模块,方便产品添加时直接调用产品属性选项The product attribute module can be added infinitely, so that the product property option can be invoked directly when the product is added

产品属性管理Product attribute management

可无限添加产品属性选项,允许设置为两种特殊属性:1.购物车属性,该属性选项可影响购物车最终结算价格;2.颜色属性,该属性选项可影响产品图片组显示.You can add unlimited product attribute options to two special properties: 1. shopping cart properties; this property option affects the final clearing price of the shopping cart; the 2. color attribute, which affects the display of the product picture group

Product category management

产品类目管理Product category management

可无限添加产品类目,支持三级类目管理Unlimited product categories can be added to support the management of category three

product management

产品添加管理Product addition management

可无限添加产品个数The number of products can be added unlimited

编码系统coding system

编码系统要关联HS code The encoding system is associated with HS code

产品编号自动排序Automatic sorting of product numbers

可设置添加产品时,按系统顺序自动生成产品编号When adding a product, the product number can be automatically generated in the order of the system

产品价格管理Product price management

分别设置市场价和会员价,可设置是否显示两个价格Set the market price and the member price respectively, can set whether to display two prices

促销价格管理Promotion price management

设置促销时段和促销价格Set promotion time and promotion price

批发价管理Wholesale price management

设置购买产品数量达到一定额度时的产品单价,可无限添加数量额度Set the price of the product to a certain amount of the unit price, unlimited increase in the amount of the amount

产品图片上传Product picture upload

每次可同时上传5张图片,也可以调用图片银行里面的图片Each time you can upload 5 pictures at the same time, you can also call pictures inside the Bank of the picture

产品运费计算设置Product freight calculation settings

可设置产品重量或体积,设置是否免运费Can set the product weight or volume, set whether free shipping

库存管理Inventory management

设置库存数量和警告库存阀值,脱销状态显示方式Set inventory quantity and warning inventory threshold, out of stock status display mode

定时上架功能Timing function

设置定时上架时间,产品自动上架Set timing, shelf time, product shelves automatically

产品显示栏目设置Product display column settings

可设置产品出现在不同栏目,例如:首页,新品,热卖,畅销等栏目Products can be set up in different columns, such as: home page, new products, hot sales, best-selling and other columns

产品详细介绍Product details

编辑文字,图片,图表,视频.超链接等排版工作,可从图片银行提取素材使用Edit text, pictures, charts, videos, hyperlinks and other typesetting work. You can use material from picture bank

产品复制功能Product replication function

可直接复制产品,包含参数,图片等内容Can copy products directly, including parameters, pictures and so on

Product batch upload function

产品批量上传Product batch upload

通过excel表格,可批量上传产品Through the EXCEL form, you can upload products in bulk

Picture bank

图片银行管理Picture bank management

批量管理上传产品图片,节省大量添加产品的时间,Batch management upload product pictures, save a lot of time to add products,

Product collection function

产品收藏功能设置Product collection function settings

开启产品收藏夹功能,客户可针对产品进行收藏,并在会员中心收藏夹查看过去收藏的产品,需要购买时快捷加入购物车Open product favorites function, customers can collect for the product, and in the member center favorites to view the past collection of products, need to buy quickly join the shopping cart

Product sharing function

社交平台分享Social platform sharing

开启产品详细页带有分享组件,可分享到全球知名的社交平台如QQ\Telegram等.Open the product detailed page with share components, can share the global well-known social platform, such as QQ\Telegram and so on

PDF格式分享PDF format sharing

开启产品详细页针对某个产品让客户生成PDF格式文件,便于传播.Open product details page, for a product for customers to generate PDF format files, easy to spread

Product freight estimating function

产品运费估算设置Product freight estimate setting

开启产品详细页可直接操作针对单个产品进行运费估算,运费估算项目:(运输、船运、仓贮),并增加保险选项Open product detailed page, can direct operation, according to a single product freight estimate

Inquiry management

前台询盘Front desk inquiry

前天客户针对单个产品进行询盘The customer asked for a single product the day before yesterday

询盘管理Inquiry management

后台记录询盘记录Background record inquiry records

邮件通知Mail notification

接收询盘时可发送邮件通知网站管理员When you receive an inquiry, you can send an email to the webmaster

Order and freight

Order management

订单信息管理Order information management

可操作修改订单内信息:金额,地址,配送方式,支付方式,折扣,运费,物流跟踪等It can modify the information in the order: amount, address, delivery mode, payment method, discount, freight, logistics tracking, etc.

订单导出功能Order export function

根据订单内容导出excel列表Export the excel list based on the order content

订单打印系统Order printing system

根据订单内容自动打印发票或报关单格式Automatically print invoice or customs declaration form according to order content

订单状态Order status

待付款,已付款(待发货),已发货,已收货,取消订单(已取消)To be paid, to be paid (to be shipped), shipped, received, cancelled (cancelled)


支付接口管理Payment interface management

The integration of Alipay and China UnionPay interface

National and regional management

国家基本信息管理National basic information management

可添加或删除国家项目,可设置热门国家优先选择权You can add or delete country projects, and you can set hot country preferences

国家分区设置Country partition settings

为国家设置分区信息,细化管理送货地址填写规范Set the zone information for the country, refine the management address and fill in the specifications

Freight management

运费设置Freight setting

空运及海运分别设置计算标准,可设定重量和体积两种条件Air and sea respectively set the standard of calculation, you can set the weight and volume of two conditions

快递方式管理Express mode management

可无限添加快递方式,可选三种运费计算方式,设置不同地区快递价格Unlimited delivery can be added, you can choose three kinds of freight calculation methods, set up different regions express prices

空运管理Airfreight management

设置空运费用价格,可设置不同地区空运价格Air freight price is set, air price can be set in different areas

海运管理maritime administration

设置海运费用价格,可设置不同地区海运价格Set sea freight price, set up shipping price in different areas

运费保险区间Freight insurance coverage

可设置不同运费价格产生的保险费用(可关闭)Insurance costs (closed) may be set at different rates of carriage

Member management

Member information system

会员基本信息管理Member basic information management

查看/修改会员基本信息,订单信息,收藏夹,购物车内容,会员操作记录等View / modify member basic information, order information, favorites, shopping cart contents, member operation records, etc.

会员注册项目管理Member registration project management

管理会员注册时须填写的项目,可设置为必填与非必填,会员注册对信息可进行审核,注册时候增加选择是否需要预付卡To fill in the project management of registered members, can be set as required and non required, membership registration of information audit.

Letter in member station

站内信管理Station letter management

收信箱管理与恢复,发信箱管理,系统信息管理Inbox management and recovery, mailbox management, system information management

站内信群发功能Station letter group function

可针对会员群发站内信For members of the mass station letter

Promotion and marketing

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